... 1.4.3 is the perfect tool for getting your 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo 2008!

CalendarCreator and ContactCreator, Leopard-compatible and Universal Binary, like data detectors for the rest of the OS...

QIClock 2.5 is out now, guaranteeing (warning: not actual guarantee) you make that 3pm call with Oslo, Tokyo, and Brussels.

Horos 1.0 has shipped! Get your piping hot horoscopes from Sane Magazine!


There is no help at the moment. That isn't a grand philosophical statement, we just haven't gotten around to writing it up yet.

Each app we ship should have some sort of help-like stuff in the ReadMe.rtf, even though we acknowledge that people probably don't read those things.

You can always try emailing, we don't bite.