... 1.4.3 is the perfect tool for getting your 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo 2008!

CalendarCreator and ContactCreator, Leopard-compatible and Universal Binary, like data detectors for the rest of the OS...

QIClock 2.5 is out now, guaranteeing (warning: not actual guarantee) you make that 3pm call with Oslo, Tokyo, and Brussels.

Horos 1.0 has shipped! Get your piping hot horoscopes from Sane Magazine!


CVSServerSetup.dmg :: A tool for developers wanting to get a CVS repository up and running on their machine without too much pain.

CVSServerSetup is a handy little tool, however, there won't be much more time and effort going into it, I'm afraid, due to lack of demand and time. And effort.

This application will setup a CVS repository on your machine, enable people to browse it via the web, allow developers to access it remotely (using ssh or cvs pserver), and announce the repository's existence to the local network via Rendezvous. Also see the README.rtf included on the disk image, that will detail the changes in this latest release.

The included command-line tool, cvsDiscover, will find Rendezvous-enabled cvs pservers on the local network for you. More information is available in the ReadMe-cvsDiscover.rtf on the disk image.

If you've already downloaded CVSServerSetup and installed your cool new Rendezvous-enabled pserver without getting the whole disk image again, you can download the 12k or so cvsDiscover by itself.

We've tweaked CVL, the best Mac OS X CVS GUI out there to include Rendezvous support for adding repositories. It's now available in the latest release of CVL, which you can get from the CVL site.

See the included ReadMe-CVL.rtf file for more information.

For more information about CVS, see