The Sonatas of Saint Francis.
A web fancy from hyperfiction pioneer Michael Joyce, Matthew Hanlon, Andrea Morris, and Carolyn Guyer.
The latest application from Q.I. Software, Download and get writing today!
Latest: 16.22 GMT, 15.01.2007
The History of the Mayan Ball League
Are you ready for the end of the Maya Calendar? Probably not.
Subliminal Signal Detector
NEW! A little Douglas Adams-based machinery for your viewing pleasure.
NEW! The newest social* network** in the world!
    * Warning: May not be the newest.
    ** Warning: May not be terribly social.
Price of Tea in China
NEW! There is one burning, unanswered question underlying this whole vast, mysterious, relatively colour-free thing: What has this got to do with the price of tea in China?
Sane Magazine.
The latest from the lads at Sane Magazine.
      - The current issue.
      - The week's Horoscopes.
Final Fenway Fiction: More Short Stories from Red Sox Nation
Stories about the Red Sox from Red Sox Nation.
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