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This site and its' contents are copyright q.i. productions, makers of fine website-like stuff and the contents thereof since 1994.

And, while we're on content, the content herein is copyright the author, where noted, and the lads of Supertart where not.
We try, desperately, to please all people at all times, but there's a really good chance we're not even going to come close. There's a good chance some people may be offended by our attempt to please them. This isn't a great state of affairs, as, following popular theories of cause and effect and will (free and otherwise), one might argue that the state of affairs in which you, yourself, is offended by our attempts to cause you happiness, our will to cause you happiness, is really not terribly favourable for either party involved.
But it's happened before. As a matter of fact, to me, personally, it's happened quite a few times. One of which ended (almost finally) with a spanner.
So what can we say? 'Sorry,' I guess, is all we can really do. There are quite a fine number of other sites that won't offend quite so much.

Contributors: As you might have caught above, if some of your stuff winds up, by commodious vicus, on the 'Tart, it's your fault. Your copyright, your name in drop-shadowed glorious beveled neon green lettering. It's like the notices at the front of the books: You can assert your moral right to be identified as the author of that work.
Submit things (though, to be honest, you really should be reading the contrib page, after all, that's what it's there for, dammit) to
Seriously, though, get thee to the contrib page now, and read what sort of format and such we like our submissions in.

Policies: Plural!
We have a lot of policies at Supertart.
One of which is: we won't steal and then sell your email address. Or your home address.
The only spam you'll get is from ourselves, and, if you specify in your subscription, David Cassidy. Supertart, having no affiliation or even passing acquaintance with David Cassidy, doesn't guarantee you spam from himself, even if you specify at the time of your subscription.

There are other policies, too, but they're largely uninteresting, and not of any terrible danger to yourselves.
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