Supertart  features
The Sonatas of Saint Francis.
Sonatas is a slippage between word and image and vice versa, phenonmenal and the noumenal, divine and oh so human, poetic, todasci and totace, a web fancy by Michael Joyce, Matthew Hanlon, Andrea Morris, and Carolyn Guyer.
Sane Magazine Novels.
The suite of novels from the lads at Sane Magazine, just now coming out in print in fine bookshoppes quite close to yourself.

Q.I. Software.
The lads at QI Software have been hard at work. They write Mac OS X software, which limits their user base and all that good stuff, but it's probably worth it on some karmic level. Or something. This is their website.
Price of Tea in China.
Find out what that (whatever it is) has to do with the price of tea in China. Inverse lookups and a purely scientific derivation of the latest price of tea in China for any occasion.
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