Supertart  contrib
Do you have a cool webthing? Or a cool non-web thing that happens to use one of the following: words, images, sounds, film, cats?

Do you think it would look really, really nice sitting behind a link on Supertart's front page?

Or do you just happen to have an overwhelming urge to write and a proper magazine won't have you?

The best way to get yourself on Supertart is to send us a short email or text file describing your webthing or maybe explaining what, exactly, it is you're proposing to do. We'd prefer 500 words or less, but tend not to follow those sort of guidelines ourselves to the exact letter, so we don't mind something a little longer.
If you've any past publications, that never hurts to mention. If you've won the Booker Prize, however, there's a good chance we won't be publishing your thing, just on principle.
We tend to be <_insert synonym for unified field theory here_> when it comes to responding to queries, a good guideline is three weeks; we'll tend to get back to you in the span of three weeks.

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