Social! Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions!
By submitting your data to Social! and, our illustrious host, you allow that someone in the vast chain of networks between you and us (Social! and our hosts, may have overheard how many chocolate eggs you think you can devour in one sitting.
Otherwise we really do our best to stay out of your business. We will not store any of your personal data on our servers, not even the number of chocolate eggs you think you can eat. So it can't even become some world-wide chocolate egg eating contest.
When the site launches, the Social! network launches, we will provide a text box for you to type various things into, but the things will not be stored, nor will you even ever see them again, unless you copy and paste them around your own personal machine/device.
This is both to ensure that our Social! network is the most robust of its kind and also that your privacy is respected.