Heya. This page used to be all lies, let’s clean it up a bit.

I worked in the tech industry for a few years and maybe I still do. And, like a Massachusetts ping pong ball capable of buying plane tickets, I’ve lived in New York City, London, San Jose, Boston, and San Jose again.

I’m most famous for a little thing I liked to call Sane Magazine. Which is to say I’m not terribly famous at all. Sane Magazine was a ‘zine that started in the back of a seafood restaurant in Charlton, Massachusetts in 1993 and burst onto the internet in a time of gophers and Mosaics. It died a very quiet death of strangulation in October of 2008. There’s still stuff worth reading there, I believe.

I would really like it if you bought each of the books in which I have three stories published, preferably a million copies each, so that, with the royalties, I may be able to buy a 296 acre piece of land on Martha’s Vineyard and just sit around on the beach all day.

If you’re looking for more about my writing, you’ll want to hop over to Wombats Dig It, because all you’re gonna get here are book reviews and, maybe, the odd technical thing.

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