I am a Shoe Hacker

Just got done with the instructions at Podophile:
Podophile » Blog Archive » Shoe Hacker: Nike+iPod Sport Kit Shoe Mod.

Now, it may have taken me slightly longer than 10 minutes it took this guy, as my now ancient home economics skills have probably failed me, and I don’t think my report in 5 months time will be quite the same as his (still going – mine may be along the lines of: “So the piece of Velcro I spent 20 minutes sewing to the tongue of the shoe has come off, five minutes into my first run, which is surprising only because I was able to run 1) for 5 minutes and 2) I was traveling fast enough for something to fall off my shoe, even if it is a poorly sown on Nike+ thing).”), but still. I’ve just managed to avoid paying $8 for something that I’d probably be able to have a lot more faith in.


We’ll see how we get on.

The sole reason I got one of these is because of a post like Cabel’s (cabel.name: Multiplayer Game Of The Year) and some similar sentiments from Jamie… so we’ll see. Maybe it’ll make a runner out of me yet.

Flann O’Brian… ummm… ish. Here’s your grain of salt. (rated 3 stars)

by julian gough

I caught this book in the new Hughes & Hughes in Ennis, down by the river… the praise on the front cover: “Perfect, perfect comedy. A cross between Flann O’Brian, Father Ted, and Morrisey…” from Tommy Tiernan was what got me to pick it up and bring it home with me. Now, I know, you’re thinking, who is Tommy Tiernan to tell me what to read?

Well, no one, it turns out. The Irish comedian may have stormed America some time back, but his career as a book critic has, sadly, not taken off, as of yet. To be fair, it is slightly Flann O’Brian-ish. In that it mentions a bicycle or two. And it is certainly madcap like The Third Policeman or At Swim-Two-Birds. But is it a patch on those two books? Err, no. Then again, not many are.

I’ve just started the online continuation of the levels two and three that Julian Gough is writing, so it’s not over yet. But the bits I read (Level One through to the first 30 or so words of Level Two) were reasonably funny, entertaining, and, for the most part, witty. The jacket quote let me down a bit, but it’s not a bad way to pass your time.

Further Fenway Fiction out now

Get your copy today!

Further Fenway Fiction: More Short Stories from Red Sox Nation

As mentioned on Sane this week, I’m working on a Seth Mnookin-style bookplate signing, for both Fenway Fiction and Further, so you can have your very own signed copy of the book without the hassle of meeting me. Or your own pair of underpants signed by me. Or whatever you want to stick the bookplate on, really. I’m not going to be a stickler. I’d appreciate it if people bought the book (one of them, anyway), but I’m not fussy. I’m sure I’ve still got signed copies of the Southbridge News from the 1990 Bay State Games coverage I could give away to people, too, if they just want signatures.

The story in this collection you’ll want to keep an eye on is “The Curious Case of Doctor Belly and Mister Itcher,” which, due to word count limits, is nearly the extent of the story (just kidding – it’s profound, deeply moving, and features Dave Wallace, former pitching coach of the Sox, as a kleptomaniac… or at least the outtakes did… and Dave, we kid, of course).

I’m sure your local independent bookstore will also stock this, so feel free to stop by there and pick up a copy.


The blog (err… this), Sane’s main issue are now all iPhone-optimized… welcome to the social.

Next up… mobile horoscopes! Yahoo!

Update: For what it’s worth, the blog here is optimized with the iWPhone plugin from Content Robot, which was easy peasy. And Sane is optimized with a stylesheet tweaked with my absolute fave CSSEdit from MacRabbit and using the media=”” tricks on Apple’s website (check out the Optimize for Page Readability section for the tips I used).


Back from Ireland, England, Ireland again, and sifting through mails.

Going through that slow emergence from vacation-mind… we’ll get there. And Sane Magazine’s issue this week will be out sometime this evening or so.