About The Sonatas of Saint Francis (tech notes):

Sonatas requires a browser that supports at least JavaScript 1.1 (1.2 would be even better), and has a couple of the latest plug-ins. If you wish to enjoy the saved reading function, you must be willing to have us drop some cookies on your hard drive. Past that, we'll be as unintrusive/unobtrusive as possible.

At the moment, this is optimised for a slightly higher resolution. However, you can view the ficiton (ah, typos making their way into the instructions) at 640x480.

You can save a reading in IE4+, Netscape 4.x, and the latest nightly builds of Mozilla. However, due to some funniness with IE4's JavaScript support the direction in which you were travelling isn't saved.

The saved reading function is also slightly buggy under Linux, Netscape 4.07, upon opening a saved reading you'll need to reload the page to get the text to show up. Netscape 4.75 on Solaris will fail to load the page from a saved reading, despite re-loading.