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ContactCreator.dmg :: A service for Mac OS X. Install by double clicking the disk image (the .dmg file you download) and dragging the ContactCreator.service file on the newly mounted drive to ~/Library/Services/ or /Library/Services/. Once you log out and log back in you will be able to add any selected text as a contact in your addressbook. You can read the ReadMe if you really want to to find out just how a bit of selected text will be saved to your AddressBook. Go on, it's an interesting read.

Download ContactCreator.service

  • v. 1.1.1 is now the current download. The Add Contact service provided by ContactCreator will now add any .Mac email address as an instant messenger entry.. - 23.05.2003
  • v. 1.1 adds another service, for adding multiple addresses (separated by commas) to a new group in your Address Book called ContactCreator Imported Group. Both services are under a menu in the Services menu called ContactCreator. - 08.05.2003
  • v. 1.0.3 will now strip out angle brackets ('<' and '>') from email addresses. - 07.05.2003
  • v. 1.0.2 adds support for adding "http://" words to the website field for a contact, and fixes a minor bug when you had first name, last name, and email address selected - these now save to the appropriate fields. Updated the ReadMe.rtf to include a note about dropping the ContactCreator.service file in your ~/Library/Services directory. - 16.02.2003
  • v. 1.0.1 is now posted, and guess what? It supports adding email addresses. Cool huh? Who loves ya, baby? Us, that's who. - 14.02.2003
  • v. 1.0 is the initial release. - 11.02.2003
    NB. A small bug where some people using IE and Mozilla were not able to download the disk image has been fixed. Sorry about that.

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