... 1.4.3 is the perfect tool for getting your 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo 2008!

CalendarCreator and ContactCreator, Leopard-compatible and Universal Binary, like data detectors for the rest of the OS...

QIClock 2.5 is out now, guaranteeing (warning: not actual guarantee) you make that 3pm call with Oslo, Tokyo, and Brussels.

Horos 1.0 has shipped! Get your piping hot horoscopes from Sane Magazine!


Q.I. Software is a small software, well, “house” isn’t quite the word, perhaps “shed” is more appropriate.

We write software for Mac OS X. At any rate, we have a few services you might find useful.

And one app that the writers out there with short attention spans might find very useful.

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