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The History of the Mayan Ball League

As you may have heard, I’ve recently published a work of historical fiction called “The History of the Mayan Ball League.”

During the rash of concussions players were suffering during the course of the National Hockey League (they used to play games, you know), I began thinking about the predecessors of that professional sports league, and stumbled upon ancient documents outlining the history of the Mesoamerican ball game. The ball game had, unbeknownst to many anthropologists, a professional league, back in the day, stretching across Central America and beyond. Of course, it had slight differences to the professional sports leagues of today — losers were occasionally beheaded, players were paid by chickens in an escrow account, and reporting of the day’s games was done in an Incan-style newspaper which was excellent news for the alpaca farmers — but the similarities to our own sporting entertainment today was shocking. With the lockout of the National Hockey League (one way to avoid concussions, I suppose), we can learn even *more* lessons from our forebears, as they faced very similar struggles, and dealt with them in their own special way. At the very least this book should be given to Gary Bettman, the owners, Donald Fehr, and the players’ union, in the hopes that they may model their own collective bargaining agreements on the pioneering approaches the Mayans took.

Of course, we all know about the Mayans today, and what this particular month means, in the grand scheme of things. So I humbly submit this vital work to the study of Mayan culture and pro sports, even though you may not be able to review it before the whole world ends.

I would be most humbled if you, sir (non-gender-specific ‘sir’ meant, of course), plunked down $0.99 of your hard-earned cash to read this amazing story of love, loss, and the first bobble head dolls.

For you Kindlers:

If you are Amazon-averse, there is also a NOOK version:


If you are both Amazon *and* Barnes & Noble averse, there is a Kobo version:

If you are Amazon and Barnes & Noble *and* Kobo-averse (I won’t ask what they all did to make you so), there’s an iBook version with some extra visual material, as you’d expect from something on Apple’s store:

So get to it. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your family, even the members you don’t like so much, like Frank. Please. I’m begging you.


Now, not to engage in the ridiculous Beckett vs. Wakefield debate that the Fox broadcast crew insisted on talking about until I hit the mute button and grabbed the radio for WEEI’s take on the matter (and that bullsh*t article by Nick Cafardo in the Globe this morning… sorry, I can’t bear to link to it), but I thought Wake looked great last night. And I was begging Tito not to take him out in his trouble inning. Somehow I don’t see him giving up 7 runs… maybe another one… but the Indians hitters looked like they were having real trouble with the knuckler last night.

Oh well.

Bruins home opener is Thursday vs. the Lightning. And they’re second in the division behind the Senators right now! Bring on Sir Stanley!

Phil the Thrill!

Phil the Thrill is making the Habs look bad this evening, what a great player to watch (and first B’s game I get to watch in a while, thanks to a night off Lemon Wrestler and a night coding – not really wholehearted thanks I have to say, I’d rather not be coding the stuff I am now).

Boston Bruins Official Web Site

At least there’s one or two bright sparks in a pretty dim Bruins’ season.

Ah. So this is what I’ve been missing. Why the f&*k does this edition of the Bruins suck so hard again? Ten minutes left, and all Phil’s good work has gone for naught: 5-3, Hated Habs. Feckers.

On Hockey: Bruins give up too much

Surely, surely, this is some sort of cosmic joke:
On Hockey: Bruins give up too much – The MetroWest Daily News:
Now, no offense to Wideman, but I saw him play back when he was with St Louis’ farm club in Worcester, the Ice Cats… and, umm… Dennis Wideman? For Brad Boyes? Really?

I bet Dan the CHB, if anybody points it out to him, would love to jump at the idea that Bobby Orr’s agent Alan Eagleson cursed the Bruins back in the day, and this is why they haven’t won a championship in 86… err, 36 years. In fact, he could just borrow his old Red Sox material, change a couple of names and dates, and he’s good to go. I’m surprised he hasn’t noticed this, himself, yet.
(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Netminders Blog –

Hear, hear!

Netminders Blog –

I’m tired of getting e-mails from hard core, or formerly hard-core fans, complaining about the game. Why does the NHL have this disease, it’s like the League suffers from low self-esteem: what can we change next, we’ve gotta make the nets bigger, we’ve gotta get more scoring, we’ve gotta this, we’ve gotta that. When I was a kid, nothing changed. The game was great, I loved it, I grew to love it more than anything else in the world. The only thing that occasionally changed was the number of teams in the League. Otherwise, nothing else really changed. The game was as consistent as the Canadiens power play. Leave the darn thing alone for awhile. The only change I’d make … lose the instigator rule.

Rob’s been doing a great job, both on Rubber Biscuit and the Bear Tracks blog.

And I think that one change (the number of teams in the league) wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Bring back the Original 6! 😉