Fenway Fiction Reading and Signing, October 18th 2008

Adam Pacther and Matthew Hanlon will be reading and signing copies of Fenway Fiction and Further Fenway Fiction Saturday, October 18th, 2008 at 1pm at Charlton Public Library.

Bring your copies of either Fenway Fiction, maybe get a sneak peek of the third installment of the series, and watch us shake so many hands you’ll think we were running for office (*). I’ll take requests/votes, through the comments, for the following different approaches I may take to the reading:

  • Read from “The Johnny Damon” story.
  • Read from the “Bellyitcher” story.
  • Read from as-yet published story slated for inclusion in the third book of the series at this time.
  • Wear a French beret, despite not being a) French or b) fond of berets.
  • Bring a haddock to give out to the first member of the audience to shout out the finishing words to a sentence I’m in the middle of reading.
  • Along the same lines, pause dramatically in the middle of a line and hold the mic (or imaginary mic, as I think we’ll be forgoing those for this reading) out towards the audience to encourage them to sing along.
  • Obtain a pair of (fake, this is a recession, after all) diamond studded sunglasses and proceed to read the story (or conduct the sing-along) with them on the whole time.
  • Sign copies of the book with my left hand (I’m right-handed).
  • Sign copies of the book with my left foot (I haven’t tried, but I’m pretty sure I’m just about unable to write my name with my left foot).
  • As if I were running for office (*), attempt to kiss any and all babies in the audience (**).
  • Attempt to tell a heart-warming and personal story about growing up and navigating the summer reading boot camps at the Charlton Public Library as a boy.
  • Slip the word “slugabed” into the reading somewhere, despite it not appearing in any story (expecting the title, perhaps) I’ve ever written.

See you there, folks.

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* disclaimer: I am not running for any kind of office.

** Babies are determined to be children 2 years and younger and fit a certain cuteness criteria.

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