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Okay, so most of these aren’t articles/reviews dedicated solely to Writer.app (for shame, for shame!), but we get a little mention (including… well, let’s see the commentary below, on a per article basis):

  • Writer.app – a Distraction Free Word Processor for the Mac – This one is solely about Writer.app, which I thought was nice. Eric gets through most of the major features and also gets that it’s a drafting tool, more than a polished word processor. Well worth a read.
  • Top Ten Writing Programs for the MAC – We make an honorable mention, but the one really, and I mean really weird thing about this review is that it mentions Blockwriter, Khoi Vinh’s original website discussing a few ideas we implemented for Writer.app… and, umm, tells you to give it a try. When, umm, you can’t, like, download it. Or anything. And we’re referred to as Blockwriter’s more spartan sibling. Which is… well. Let’s just say I think we should get an award for being more spartan than something that doesn’t actually exist.
  • The Black Screen of Life – This one is largely about WriteRoom (an app I have no particular desire to use – the full screen stuff is nice, but I hate the default color scheme, and if I wanted to mess around with preferences and layout I’m sure I’d be happier with it… and less productive, as a writer), but Writer.app does get a (favorable) mention, so there.
  • How to Write Without Distractions – Another one about focusing on writing. Gives a big mention to WriteRoom and one tiny little one to our dear, dear Writer.app.
  • Writer.app – Der Mac als Schreibmaschine – This one is more concerned with our license than anything, but says they like it (they like it, they really do!) in the end. In German. So I have no idea, really, if that’s all true.
  • Of course, one of my favorite reviews is this old blog post from Paragraph NY: Turn Your Mac into a Smith-Corona

Not bad.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words… I’ve learned Google’s translation tools are probably not a great tool for fostering good will amongst cultures. 🙂

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