iPhone Web Application

The very first 3rd party iPhone Web Application.
From the Sane Magazine issue announcing it:

It is the ultimate iPhone application. Designed by our crack staff in OmniGraffle and a few other web technologies, it is a crude rendering of an iPhone, which is optimized to ensure the viewer realizes that they do not have an imaginary iPhone, but the real deal, 100% beautiful.

It is also further designed to perform such that, if the owner of the iPhone is running the application and is showing it off to their friends, who are, as of yet, iPhone-less, they they most certainly do not have an iPhone, and are stuck with crude renderings of one, if that, while you, the iPhone owner, has the real thing, and can view such compelling applications as the Sane Magazine/Q.I. Software iPhone Web Application.

So go get your first taste of the iPhone apps to come…