The $51.1 million bid for Daisuke

I haven’t seen this anywhere (which doesn’t mean it’s not out there, it just means I haven’t been reading a lot, or in the right places these days), but an old co-worker, Japanese, started talking to me about the significance of the dollar amount, related to a great player from the Sox from long ago, and it hit me: 511?

Career wins for Cy Young?

Nice cheeky move, Sox front office, if that’s the reason for the dollar amount.

Gordon Edes discusses the number in his chat, but doesn’t touch on this… did I just miss where this Cy Young connection was discussed?

Now I’m going to go out and try and buy a donut and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts by using Pedro Martinez’s 1997 ERA of 1.90 as a starting bartering point.

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