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Supertart exists. Why?

The web is one very large, very confusing thing. So confusing that there are a whole lot of people out there that spend their days surfing the 'net, looking for better jobs with companies that aren't quite so imaginative in methods of payment, but rather favour cheques that don't bounce. Quite a good deal of people involved in creating fantastic e-commerce solutions, and quite a good deal of people trying to figure out how to market the fact that their service is secure. A whole lot of people doing incredibly cool things with bytes and such (kilobytes, in the case of broadband applications! Wow!). A whole lot of sarcastic bastards that think they have it figured out themselves.

Where q.i. productions come in is that they could arguably be considered one of the groups of sarky bastards who think they have it figured out. Not all of it figured out (which is where this comes in), but one of the groups, like Automatic Media (Feed, of course), who believe in content, who believe in entertainment.
Or at least tend to do a lot of it, or try, enough to be quite an impressive effort, if they don't happen to believe in it.

Their first, and still most popular effort, is Sane Magazine, which you may or may not know.

But this is slightly different.
And that still doesn't explain what Supertart is, really.
And, to be honest, nothing we say, either by way of reason or by way of explanation, is going to make any of this any more sensible.
Which won't, of course, stop us from talking about it at great lengths.
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