This is my personal digital resting place.
I am a software developer, writer, dad, son, lover, teacher, coach, tinker, tailor, spy.

For more information on me, as an author, visit Wombats Dig It.
For the occasional book review and (super occasional) tech content, take a look at my personal 'blog 1.

If you want to know whether or not the apocalypse has happened yet, check out Has the Apocalypse Happened Yet?
If you remember a little thing called Sane Magazine, it still floats in the water a little like a dead fish at Sane Magazine.
And for a collection of wonderful, useless things (though Michael Joyce's Sonatas of Saint Francis is not quite useless), visit my old experiment, Supertart.

For class notes from my latest programming class (geared towards kids, ages 8-18), visit Intro to Programming.
I teach kids (and adults) how to code. You can find out more about that at The Code Hub.

1. (how quaint!)